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👋 Hi, I’m Jordyn: Speech-Language Pathologist, Feeding Specialist, and Mom of 2. Here are 5 very important things to keep in mind when starting solids: 1️⃣ Get a supportive high chair. Many chairs on the market don't provide the support infants need when starting solids! Baby should be sitting fully upright with good support at the hips. The Chair from Lalo with the Infant Insert provides excellent support. It also comes with a Support Cushion. Just remove either or both as baby grows, and the high chair grows with them. 2️⃣ Baby's foot should actually meet the footrest. Many high chair footrests don’t actually reach baby’s foot until they are much older! A high chair with an adjustable footrest that meets baby’s foot is key when starting solids! 3️⃣ The size of the spoon matters! Have you tried eating soup from a serving spoon? Probably too big for your mouth. Same thing goes for baby! Picking a very small bowled spoon with a short handle is best for baby’s small mouth and hands. 4️⃣ Practice with straws and open cups. No need to wait! Babies need lots of practice between 6-12 months to become independent with drinking around a year. I love this cup from Lalo because you can plug the hole in the lid and squeeze the liquid up—which teaches straw drinking! 5️⃣ Letting baby get messy is important! Don’t wipe after every bite and let them stick their hands in everything! As a mom, I know clean up is a PAIN. Using a Smock Bib and Splat M
Tips for Starting Solids
I've always been a fan of Lalo's high chair and matching tableware. As a feeding specialist, it checked a lot of the boxes when looking for a high chair. But Lalo is so much more now!. Their latest playtime and bathtime essentials are both beautiful and functional. They've become a staple in our daily routines with the little one for mealtime, playtime and bathtime.
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