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@ProjectRepatUSA is doing some AMAZING work! I LOVE t-shirt blankets! It’s such a great way to hold onto meaningful t-shirts. They’re not collecting dust in a box, they’re displayed on a cozy blanket! Go check out Project Repat (they do more than just t-shirt blankets!) 👕♻️
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Out with the old ➝ In with the new!✨ Elevate your room over the weekend with this box trim accent wall and handpicked products only at @homedepot What’s your favorite part of this room makeover?🤭 #HomeDepotPartner #HomeDepot #SummerYourWay #BoxTrim #AccentWall #HomeDecor #DIY #Wainscoting
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4 hacks smart developers use to upgrade their career in as little as 4 months: 1️⃣ STOP focusing on the code: 🧑‍💻 Understanding the bigger picture will do MUCH more for your technical career than mastering yet another code library. Software Architecture is about the structures and systems behind a technology, so knowing it gives you a unique advantage compared with other developers. 2️⃣ Don’t rely on motivation: ✨ Motivation is unreliable and hard to replicate. When up against a difficult task, smart developers don’t gamble: they put systems in place to help them, like joining a community of like-minded developers who meet regularly to invest in their professional growth. 3️⃣ Go back to kindergarten: 🎨 Storytime is better with pictures. As long as you’re just TALKING about architecture with someone, you might not actually be talking about the same thing. Diagramming is the secret weapon of the Software Architect, bringing vague discussions down to the practical details. 4️⃣ Use the only real shortcut: 🚀 If you try to skip around the knowledge required to think like a Software Architect, you’ll end up missing critical pieces. The only shortcut? Learn from someone who has done it before and is doing it at the highest level, in interesting companies with various types of architectures.This is the quickest path that’s still safe. If you’re an experienced developer ready to upgrade your career, you could be a good fit for our Soft
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