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It's live early! You can view the link here: https://www.amazon.com/Gargoyle-King-Christina-Dutch-ebook/dp/B0BWVH1BXW/ A MIGHTY GARGOYLE WARLORD After years of war, Prince Ragnar Nordskov returns to Herrlof as a King. Vengeance rages across the land after he found his brother dead, sister exiled, and his greatest political rival attempting to usurp the throne. When he finally gains the upper hand, a new magical enemy appears with dark magick he has never encountered before: powers that could wipe his kind out. After a brutal attack he is forced to rely on, what should be, his greatest enemy. A NOMADIC HEALING WITCH It is well-known that gargoyles despise witches. During the Great War, a faction of magick folk ambush the gargoyles of the north and fail. Now witches are killed on site in Herrlof, yet here she was. But Elisora had a mission of her own. Hunt the sorcerer that destroyed her home, murdered her father, and tortured her for years. Only then, could she find peace. But ther