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[GROUPBUY] 8-Bit Series III: Neon Era Artisan Keycaps is open NOW!!! --------------------------------- https://www.jellykey.com/artisan-keycaps/8-bit-series-iii-neon-era --------------------------------- We are happy to introduce the latest 8-bit series - Neon era artisan keycaps with a twist of a futuristic setting. The collection demonstrates a glorious city scene, connected by a network of mega pipes underneath. Now please feel free to take a tour, and don’t get lost in this 8-bit neon city. This group buy will be closed on 6/14/2022, 6 keycaps per order & all collections will be free shipping. Check out our fabulous gifts for this 8-bit series, sticker for every keycap and uncover resin spacebar for “all size” keycaps.